To what are you addicted?

Here are a few thoughts I took away from last night’s talk by pastor James Reid. Some are what he actually said and some are my own about what he said. I’ll let you figure out which is which:-)

What we do in our residential recovery homes at

CCOMRVA.ORG is anything but clean. It’s messy. It’s dirty discipleship.

This past Sunday, I spoke out of John 21. My main point? Jesus looks for the mess and then moves into it!!!

Addiction is sin and sin is addiction.

If “community” is needed for freedom from our addiction to drugs and alcohol, then why would we think we can deal with any other sin/addiction differently.

Perhaps an intentional plan for staying connected with God and at least a few others is imperative for the person wanting to live free from sin/addiction?

The kingdom of God is advancing and a violent, “I’m not going to let anything get in the my way” attitude is needed for pushing into it… grabbing hold of it.

Let’s be people who will do whatever it takes to live in Gods kingdom where Jesus is king and his people live free.

Over and out.