To honestly believe, is my one desire…

I read this morning God’s words to Abram. It went something like this… “Don’t be afraid, your reward will be very great!”

I love how Abram responds. He says, “That’s great O Lord but what you are talking about has to start somewhere and so far I do not have a single kid. You keep talking about giving me a family greater than I can imagine and yet I have no kids. So…what exactly are you thinking?”

God responds to what seems like a whole lot of doubting and whining with, “Don’t worry, I know what I am doing.”

And then I read these words in verse 6 of Genesis 15… “And he (Abram) believed! He believed God!”

And how did God respond?

God declared Abram to be righteous…to be right with Himself!

So today, I’m planning to align myself with what God is promising me. I will speak honestly about my circumstances…to God. I will wrestle with Him and talk with Him and in the end I will believe Him.

And I will experience the goodness of God now. I will hear him say over me. You are my righteous and chosen one. You, Jeff are my treasured possession. What I have promised I will do.

Believe you Me:-)!!!

Over and out.