Three men were talking as they hung dying…

“Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.“ – a man who actually died with Jesus

Here are a few observations from Luke’s account of a conversation which took place several thousand years ago among three men as they hung on crosses dying:

  1. While Peter said he would die with Jesus, the two thieves actually did.
  1. When I die, I am not alone. Jesus is right beside me.
  2. What I say as I die matters. Out of the abundance of my heart my mouth speaks…even in death.
  3. Acknowledging that Jesus is with me AND that He is the King of His Kingdom makes whatever I say next the right thing to say… even when all I Have strength to say is, “Remember me…”
  4. Every relationship begins with an introduction. And all introductions to Jesus take place at the Cross. Only at the Cross of Jesus will I discover if I’m ready to die with him… die to my seemingly endless desire to run/lead my own life.
  5. No healthy relationship begins with “if.” (i.e. If you will do this for me then we can be friends.)

“Today you will not only be with me in death but you will be with me in paradise… resurrected never to die again!!!” – said Jesus in reply to the thief dying next to him.

Over and out!

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