Three men and what they are teaching me…

So this morning I’m thinking about the three men who completed what they began 12 months ago. Last night at CCOMRVA.ORG we recognized Kem, Craig, and Chris for the endurance and courage they demonstrated by their refusing to quit and run when it would have been oh so easy to do! 

I’m thinking about my own journey with God. I’m wondering if the most courageous and brave thing I can ever do is to… stand. Refuse to run away. Just stay put. There have been seasons when I’ve had the strength and vision to run full speed after the plans and purposes of God for my life. There have been seasons where I’ve been able to walk after the plans and purposes of God for my life. And then there are those seasons when all I can do is stand. The only thing I can do is to lean into the wind of opposition and discouragement, and disappointment, refusing to allow any of it to blow me away from the presence of the One I have surrendered everything to…Jesus.

And so last night, I stood alongside three men, who know what it means to run after God, to walk with God but perhaps more important know what it means to simply stand before God. And there is no place I would rather be than alongside men like that. They inspire me. They encourage me. I’m honored to be counted in their company.

So this morning I find myself crying out to God for more and more men like the three I stood with last night. Men who are willing to when all else has been done, stand. Men who when tempted over and over again to run away from God and the community in which HE has placed them, refuse. Men who simply stay standing before God without any pretending or defending.

I find myself quite literally crying out, “God raise up an army of men willing to stand before you, to follow You wherever You lead, to do whatever you ask. Not out of their own will power or strength but out of an all-consuming love for you. Jesus, capture the hearts of more and more men in our city!! Ruin us for anything less than your plan and purpose for our lives. Give more and more men the courage to dare to enter into Your kingdom where you are the King! Cause the hearts of men all over Richmond and and all over Virginia to burn within them as they stay standing before you, refusing to run away. Raise up an army equipped and prepared to RAIN DOWN HEAVEN every where hell is found on earth leaving behind YOUR KINGDOM of RIGHTEOUSNESS, PEACE, and JOY!
Last night, if we were able to see it, we saw a trickle. I’m crying out to God for a flood!!