Learning how to DO the right thing WITH the right things.

Becoming a man or woman described as having “good soil” involves starting and stopping things; leaving behind and staying with things; ignoring and listening to things.

The ability to DO the right thing WITH the right thing is called wisdom. And the wisdom we need comes from God. So ask Him for the wisdom you need in order to become good soil.

Yesterday a young man who had been with us at the ranch all of 4 days, left. His drug came calling and he followed.

And it breaks my heart. And it makes me angry. And it clarifies all over again what I have known for years but am now learning again only better.

The way out of your slavery and bondages and sins and addictions is NOT by trying hard to be free, trying hard to “keep it positive.” The way out is to grab hold of something better. And to allow the better thing to break up your heart into something Jesus calls “GOOD SOIL.” This breaking up work of God in your life might look something like the following.


It begins with the resurrected man, Jesus Christ. Today He says to you, “Follow Me.”

So follow Jesus, the Son of God, who took all your sin on himself and actually defeated death for you. Follow Him!


Leave behind anything seeking to prevent you from following Jesus today. Leave behind people who have no desire to follow Jesus, their ways, their cynicism.


Meditate on what you hear Jesus say and on what you see Jesus do. Read His word to you. Read the events of your day through His eyes and ears. Ruminate on these things. Remember his word to you. Remember his work in your life today. Read, ruminate, and remember.


Having done all else, keep standing. That’s it. We came to Jesus with nothing to offer other than our surrender and obedience. Nothing has changed. This is how we follow Him still. Keeping standing… before Jesus. Refuse to run away or hide, no matter what you have or have not done.


And finally let your roots run deep in Jesus. Live in Him and invite Him to live in you. Do this and whether you are in a season of drought or flood, you will be fruitful. Circumstances will change. Your fruitfulness will not. Your significance and prosperity is determined by what and who you are rooted in, not by any passing circumstance.

Be a man or woman willing to (1) Follow Jesus, (2) Leave behind anything hindering their ability to follow, (3) Meditate on what they hear Jesus saying and what you see Jesus doing, (4) Keep standing, and (5) Root yourself deeply in the ways of the Kingdom of God and in the the sovereign king of that kingdom, Jesus.

These five things will get you started in your quest to be the “good soil” needed for living a fruitful life.

Remember the young man I mentioned earlier? It’s true, he left. But Jesus has not left him and neither have I or anyone else at The Ranch. When it comes to Jesus you can run but you cannot hide. My desire for him is that he would reach the end of his running and come to his senses. That he would see for the first time things as they really are and have the wisdom to DO the right thing WITH the right thing. And that is pretty much the same desire I have for you… and for me.

Over and out

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