Humility or Shame. You choose.

Abram was 75 when he left Haran with only a promise from God.

He was 86 when he decided that the promise from God needed some help. So at his wife’s insistence, he had sex with his wife’s servant and conceived a son.

And then when Abram turned 99 God showed up in a powerful way. He came with a command and He came with the same old promise. And he came as the bestower of a new name.

He fell on his face before God as “Abram.” He stood back up as “Abraham.” He would now spend the rest of his life known as the Father of many nations who has a son… one son. A son named Isaac which means laughter. Sort of an ongoing joke with a built in laugh-track.

Hello my name is “Father of Many Nations” and this is my ONLY son, “Laughter!”

Built in humility… or shame.

Abraham chose humility.

And the same is required of me… and probably you.

Here’s what I am learning.

  • Faith always means aligning what I think and do with what God has promised in the middle of circumstances that challenge the truth of what God has promised.
  • Walking with God is the win.
  • Often, when God shows up, I end up on the ground… on my face.
  • God has a sense of humor.
  • Always turn toward God with questions and responses. Never hide from or run from God.
  • In the end, listen to God and do what He says.
  • Over and out.
  • #genesis17 #herewego