God interrupted…

I was out running earlier this week and God interrupted.

Laying on the ground, next to the curb, was a piece of paper with the word “BRINKS” printed on it. “BRINKS” is a security/courier service usually hired by banks and places of business to transport large sums of money.

There is a place in scripture where I’m told that the banner the LORD has placed over my life is “LOVE.” Well, on this day and on this run, Jesus interrupted my run and said,

“My banner over you is BRINKS. I am the one who protects the deposit I’ve made in you and that deposit is worth more than anything to me. I’ve entrusted to you a thing of great worth and value. It’s your unique destiny and part in history created by Me for you alone to fulfill and play.”

He continued,

“But remember, there is an enemy who seeks to steal that deposit away and leave you for dead. I’m serious! But you need to know it’s never going to happen! Why? Because I am your personal BRINKS and anything or anyone seeking to harm you will have to deal with Me! Anyone or anything seeking to deceive you into living a lesser than life will have to deal with me!”

And then this morning I’m reading these words, “The LORD is near the broken hearted and the crushed in Spirit HE saves.”


Jesus turns those places and times when I’m on the BRINK of disaster into places of BRINKS (security, protection, and resource).

The moments when I’m on the BRINK of losing heart become places of advance and great resource. My “ON THE BRINK” moments become “BRINKS OF ADVANCE” moments.

I know, it sounds corny but my heart this morning beats a bit stronger and pulses with a bit more courage knowing that every time I find my self on the BRINK of disaster; every time I think my heart is about to be broken beyond repair, every time I think my spirit is about to be crushed beyond restoration, BRINKS will intervene.

Jesus is my protection. Jesus is my BRINKS! His banner over me is LOVE and He, this morning, once again is actively protecting and guarding the deposit He’s made in me.

He who started a good work in me will complete it.

When on the BRINK, Jesus is my BRINKS.

Over and out:-)