Familiarity or fear?

I’ve had an ongoing wrestling match with God for quite awhile about why it is good to “fear him.” Maybe this is part of it?

While it is His kindness that leads me to repentance, it’s his holiness AND kindness that leave me on my face wondering what kind of God Jesus is anyway. He stops storms with a word and at the same time loves me deeply. I’m undone!!

When God’s transcendent attributes are revealed and at the same time his immanent attributes are experienced, when the obvious creator of the universe comes near to me as my closest friend, the only natural response when this kind of power is this kind of close is fear.

And this kind of fear leads me straight into repentance. Repentance leads to greater belief. Belief leads to a greater expression of the Kingdom of God in my life. This in turn leads to a greater sense of God’s holiness and kindness. Which then leads me back to fear. And on and on it goes.

On the other hand, familiarity leads to offense. Immanence with no transcendence. Offense leads to unbelief. Unbelief leads to isolation. It’s all about me right? Which leads back to familiarity (who does God think He is anyway?)

In the end, I’ll take fear over familiarity every time. May Jesus need to encourage me with the words, “Don’t be afraid!” because I have seen / experienced his awesome power and have, by His grace, chosen to TURN TOWARD Him in repentance rather than TURN AWAY.

Over and out.

  • Mark 5:36 | “Do not fear. Only believe.”
  • Mark 4:41 | and they were filled with great fear…
  • Mark 5:33 | But the woman knowing what happened to her, came in fear…
  • Mark 6:6 | and he marveled because of their unbelief